Ravikiran Nannaware | Flute Ravikiran also known as Ravi or referred as Tiger Shroff by a few due to an identical face cut

Ravikiran also known as Ravi or referred as Tiger Shroff by a few due to an identical face cut assumes that the love for music passed on to him through the genes of his Dad who loves singing all his favourite classic numbers all day long to express his happiness. A young and curious boy from the suburbs of Mumbai once caught his ears and eyes on a local flute seller who used to pass by his area quiet often. Being an introvert with a desire to buy the instrument Ravi followed the flute seller for a few days but he couldn’t dare to buy one. Fortunately one day the flute seller who was followed by Ravi took halt at a tea stall when no one was around Ravi took the opportunity to talk to the seller and buy a flute for himself thus imitating tunes heard on the television he started playing the instrument on his own and never was influenced by any musician from YouTube or social networks.

Pursuing the Engineers degree with no plan of becoming a full time musician, taking Mumbai local trains for daily commute to the college Ravi felt like a puppet controlled by the society which scared him to the core resulting to an end of his engineering career. To buy himself some time and also to keep his parents happy he took Admission in Smt. Chandibai Himathmal Mansukhani College where he met Sanish Nair.

Discovering each other as musicians Ravi and Sanish had random jam sessions and also played some of Sanish’s original compositions together which developed a great connect between the two. Meanwhile Sanish used to direct University Western Music competitions for the college, was where he met rest of the band members of Euphony. Skeptical of being able to play with other musicians and having no idea about the band scenes Ravi was asked by Sanish to be a part of his plan of making a band on which he agreed. Working together on music as a family, experimenting with arrangements, melodies and harmonies he says Euphony has become his identity.