Bhavesh Sharma | Beat Box Bhavesh can be described as the most unique one of a kind talent from Euphony and clever boy at academics

Bhavesh can be described as the most unique one of a kind talent from Euphony. A very smart and clever boy at academics and sports. Bhavesh always scored distinction grades at exams and competitions. A notorious noisy kid from the school who had no idea of what he was transforming into. Bhavesh discovered beatboxing at the age of 13 and got inspired by watching a video on YouTube, from an ace soccer player for over two years from his grade 8th to S.S.C he won the National Soccer Competition with his team from the school and also bagged the National Gold Medal for Skating. Unfortunately his passion for soccer and skating had to come at a stand still as he was asked by his parents to focus more on his academics.

Between the chaos of academics sports and peer pressure Bhavesh found his elixir to happiness by mimicking the sounds of animals and motor vehicles in school. Meanwhile he was introduced to a very new art-form that was beatboxing when he saw an Italian beatboxer named Joseph Poolpo in a YouTube video which happened to be an eye opener for Bhavesh to try something new beyond his imagination. With trial, errors and constant practice with determination he was able to pull off the same routine of Joseph Poolpo after acquiring grace, a thought of mimicking the sounds of musical instruments through mouth seemed like a great idea and it was time for him to explore a whole new world of sounds, techniques, patterns and time signatures in beatboxing universe. 

Fortunately after Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Bhavesh got admission at C.H.M college where he saw Sanish and Rupesh playing music together. For quiet a while Bhavesh secretly admired them for their art and talent then soon it was time of auditions for youth festivals which was supervised by Sanish in which Bhavesh and his talent was discovered and that was when Bhavesh got to know few of the core members of Euphony. With everyday rehearsals and meet-ups the bond grew stronger and Euphony had no drummer it was time when Sanish asked Bhavesh to join in the band so they could work on something really innovative and experimental.

Some of his achievements include :

First Indian Beatbox Champion 2016.

First to represent India in the Asian Championships.