Aditya Kale | Vocals Aditya stands as the character who holds the ability to adapt multifunctionality

Speaking about versatility Aditya stands as the character who holds the ability to adapt multifunctionality. He never learnt music but understanding music came as a God’s Gift to him. A young Dance enthusiast entered the same college where Sanish and other band members were studying, started with the vision of becoming a dancer Aditya later formed a crew with Sanish and a few other dance maniacs followed by the name “Insane” which went skyrocket and won a lot of dance competitions and challenges. With growing academics some members had to call it quits which ended up in dissolving the company. 

Meanwhile to continue his passion Aditya was a part of another dance crew called “Angels And Grooves” which he had to quit as he started assisting his inspiration and teacher Paresh Shirodkar for Boogie Woogie an Indian dance competition television series which drove him to work with Paresh for another five months at a theme park called Imagica.

Apart from dancing Aditya was always a die-hard Bollywood music lover which got his interest towards singing. Initially Sanish and Aditya started practicing and singing together at college and also performed at University youth festivals. Aditya is also two times Gold Medalist for Western Group Singing also earned Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for Mime from University of Mumbai.